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Looking to reconcile accounting discrepancies between Authorize.Net and Magento? Surprisingly, having the option to generate a report that identifies mismatched information between the two systems didn't exist until now! Save you and your business valuable time with the Authorize.net Settlement Report. The settlement report extension is a powerful and resourceful tool for businesses that utilize Authorize.Net as their payment gateway. With the report, you can compare and identify the following between Magento and Authorize.Net:
  • Transaction's statuses
  • Authorized / captured amount
  • Amount refunded / settled
 Should a discrepancy exist, the report will flag the exact issue in red so you can easily hone in on the issue and work to resolve it. You can even filter your report depending on if the information perfectly matches or if an issue exists. All the data is displayed in a user-friendly table grid so you can quickly see where the discrepancies are. Easily export the report to a CSV or XML in order to diagnose and fix the issue as soon as possible.
Authorize.Net Settlement Report

  The Authorize.Net Settlement extension allows you to setup automatically generated reports based on the specifications you set as well as send the reports via email. Learn More about the features of the Authorize.Net Settlement Report for Magento from IWD Agency. which allows you to diagnose and fix the issue as soon as possible.

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