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Magento 1 Order Manager and Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management Extension  M1

Magento Versions: Community: 1.5+ , Enterprise: 1.12+

Starting at $145.00

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Edit Order Information
Custom Order Creation Process
Change Payment & Shipping Methods
Multi-Warehouse Inventory

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PRO $245
Edit Order Information
Custom Order Creation Process
Change Payment & Shipping Methods
Multi-Warehouse Inventory
Authorize.Net CIM

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Improve Your Workflow with Magento Order Grid Customization

Whether you want to quickly review the statuses for your orders, get a summary of your order totals, or super-charge mass-actions, our Magento Inventory Management extension makes it easy to customize your order grid, so it supports your unique needs

Order Workflow for Magento 1

Consolidate Your Magento Orders to Just One Page

Speed up your Magento order process by creating a single page for customers to make their purchases. Experiment with countless options for customization before choosing the perfect customer and store views. With this Magento extension, your order page updates in real time.

Order Creation for Magento 1

Track Your Magento Orders with Custom Labels

Create custom labels to highlight specific orders on your Magento Admin orders table. Add new columns to hold your labels and triggers for automatically labeling incoming orders. Our free Magento inventory management extension makes it easy to label, track, and monitor all of your store’s orders.

Create & Assign Order Labels Magento 1

Manage Multiple Warehouses with Our Magento 1 Extension

Managing multiple warehouses is simple with this Magento 1 extension. We’ve made it as easy as possible to assign inventory from multiple sources and ship your customers’ orders from multiple warehouses. Complicated logistics and delayed delivery times are things of the past.

Multiwarehouse for Magento 1

Securely Save Your Customers’ Payment Information

Securely save customer credit card and bank information with Authorize.Net CIM. Our Magento 1 order extension will also let returning customers quickly check out with their saved payment information. Keep payment data safe and decrease checkout time while increasing customer retention.


Authorize.Net CIM for Magento 1 

Authorize.Net Settlment Report for Magento 1  

Reauthorize payments Magento 1

Reauthorize Customer Payments After Editing Orders

Automatically reauthorize a payment after editing an order for a customer. This feature of our Magento Order extension is also supported by Authorize.Net and PayPal Payflow Pro. So, you can easily reauthorize payments while keeping them secure.

Update the Payment Method for Any Order

Do your customers ever choose the wrong payment method at checkout? With our Magento Order Manager, it’s easy to change it to your customer’s preferred method.

Please note that our Order Manager extension does not edit Braintree payment details.

Manage Your Magento Store’s Orders with Ease

We give you full control over managing your Magento store’s orders. You can modify an existing order's customer information, change the products ordered, apply coupons, add custom amounts, and much more.

Request Approval from Customers Before Modifying Their Magento Orders

If a customer ordered the wrong product, it’s no problem. Our Magento Order Manager lets you change the customer’s order and then request approval from them before the changes are applied. That’s all it takes to keep them happy and reduce your returns.

Change Your Customer’s Shipping Method

If a customer decides to expedite their order, it’s no problem. Just use this Magento extension to switch the delivery method to the one they prefer. They receive their order sooner and you’ve increased customer satisfaction.

Learn More About Our Free Magento Inventory Management Extension

Our Magento 1 Inventory Management extension has so many more features and integrations that make it easy to run a successful online store. Look through our help articles to learn more about how to make the most of this powerful Magento 1 extension.


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