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Product Videos for Magento 1 M1

Magento Versions: Community:1.5+; Enterprise:1.12+

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Start Telling a Story with Your Products

Take your product content to the next level by adding videos of your products alongside product photography. Customers can now watch promotional videos while learning about your product.

Product Videos for Magento 1

Integrated with Video Sharing Websites

Showcase YouTube and Vimeo videos directly on your product pages or upload your own custom video directly.

Integrated video sharing websites for Magento 1

Large Screen Viewing

Set videos to automatically play as a pop-up on the product page instead of playing in the location of the main product image.

Large Screen Viewing mode

Manage all of your videos in one location

View and manage all the videos and add new videos.

Manage all of your videos in one location

Add or Upload New Videos

When adding a new video, specify the source of the video as either: YouTube, Vimeo, or custom upload. Additionally, provide a title, description, and cover image.

Add or upload new videos

Assign Videos to Products

For each video, select which products will have the video included on their product pages. You can easily drag and rearrange the videos to adjust the order in which they will show.

Assign Videos to Products

Quick Image & Video Manager for All Products

Locate a product and easily add additional images and videos to the product. You can also rearrange the videos to adjust the order they will display on the product page.

Product Videos - Quick Image &  Video Manager for Magento 1

Configuring Product Videos

Control whether videos will play in a pop-up or directly on the product page and if they should automatically play or once the customer clicks the play button.

Configuring Product videos for Magento 1

Integration Settings

To easily auto-populate video information from YouTube, generate and enter the free server key from YouTube.

IWD Product Video Settings
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