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magento store locator

Search by country, state, zip code, and radius

The Dealer / Store Locator Magento extension enables customers to locate the nearest location to purchase a store’s products or services.
locate stores magenta extension

Locate stores from map and listing

Automatically finds store's geo coordinates based on address entered.
store locator directions

Obtain directions to the store's location

User can easily find directions through Google Maps.
store locator

Display a visual radius around customer's search

Easily show customer's locations within their specified search radius

Fully Responsive

wide screen view
Store Locator wide
standard screen view
Locator standard
tablet view
responsive store locator
mobile view
mobile magento store locator

Admin Features

Magento store locator settings

Adding New Locations

  1. For each store location, specify the store view, name, and status (enabled / disabled).
  2. Provide the address, website, description, and phone number.
  3. Upload an icon and image that will be used for this location.
Enter Store Location Coordinates

New Location Coordinates

  1. Enter the latitude and longitude or have this information populated automatically.

Managing Locations

  1. Add the geo data for all stores at once, remove all stores, import stores, and add a new store.
  2. View all locations and filter locations based on title, city, date created, date updated, website view, and status (enabled / disabled).
store locator locations
import addresses for magento store locator

Importing Locations

  1. Select Import button and upload file with correctly formatted data to import existing locations.

Extension Settings

  1. General settings for Store Locator
  • Specify the main title that appears on the page
  • Compose a unique 'No Results Located' message for your customers
  • Choose to show / hide the radius drop-down box on your store locator
  • Enable Show Top Link to add a link to your store locator in your site header
  • Select which CMS block to show above the store locator map if you would like to feature a unique branding message
  • Control the URL path to your store locator (by default this will be set to /dealers)
  1. General settings (cont.)
  • Upload a placeholder image to use for your store locations that do not have an image
  • Choose to show / hide placeholder images for store locations
  • Specify if search will launch once page loads (detects user's location from browser)
  • Set the store locator to full width if you would like the search map to be full width (bigger version)
  • Specify the number of stores to show per page if you have pagination enabled
Manage store locator

Google Maps Integration

  1. The following integration settings are required in order for the store locator to function:
  • Obtain and enter Google Maps API Key
  • Enter a server API Key to automatically detect the customer's location and launch the search
  • Upload a custom marker icon to show user's location on the map
  1. Map configuration
  • Enter a default radius to is used if customers don't specify a radius to use
  • Specify the options customers can select in the radius drop-down
  • Select the metric used for your store locator (kilometers or miles)
  • The Default Zoom setting allows you to specify how zoomed-in the map will display by default
  • Enable / disable ability for customer's to zoom in and out on the map with the scroll wheel on their mouse
  • Enable / disable ability for customer to change the map type (satellite or map view) and scale
Google Maps store locator for Magento

Displaying Results

  1. Specify how to display search results for store locations (filter by Title, Position, and Distance)
  2. Manage the design for the search results icons
  • Upload a custom marker icon to match your branding
  • Enable / disable search results from being highlighted for customers
  • Specify the color and opacity and stroke (border) for the highlighted effect
Google Maps store locator for Magento

SEO Options

  1. Enter the page title, description, and target keywords for SEO purposes
Google Maps store locator for Magento
Does the Store Locator extension support multiple Magento stores? Yes, the Magento Store Locator supports multiple stores and allows you to assign stores / dealers to different store views. How do customers find the nearest location of my company? Customers are able to refine location results by searching by country, state, and zip code. To further assist customers, the Store Locator also allows customers to specify a particular radius. You can set the radius to use miles or kilometers in the Magento admin panel. Information you can be manage for each store listing; link to website, contact information, and an icon to be used on the map instead of the traditional location marker. Is the Store Locator compatible with most responsive themes? Yes, we enabled the design and features to automatically adjust to the user's viewing device. I installed your Store Locator extension and I get this message in admin panel: Important: Please setup IWD_ALL in order to finish Store Locator installation...What should I do? You need to complete installation. Please click "IWD ALL" link, download extension and set it up via Magento Connect manager. You can find more information about this process in the installation guide.
Compatible With

Community: 1.6 - 1.9, Enterprise: 1.11 - 1.14

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