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Sales Representative Tracking for Magento 1 M1

Magento Versions: Community 1.5+; Enterprise: 1.12+

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Magento 1 Sales Representatives Extensions

Monitor Orders by Sales Representative

Extension adds a sales representative column to the Magento order grid. Assign sales representatives to track sales and performance

Assign Sales Reps to an Order

Specify a sales representative when creating an order or to an existing order.

Assign Colors for Your Sales Team

Easily assign a specific color for each sales representative. This color will be visible on the orders page.

Add New Sales Representatives

Add new sales representatives by creating a new user in your Magento Admin Panel.

Assign Products to Sales Reps

In addition to assigning sales representatives to orders, you can also assign them to individual products. If all products in an order are assigned to one sales rep, the order will be assigned to that rep (optional).

Assign Customers to Sales Reps

Assign customers to a specific sales representative.

Generate Reports by Sales Rep

Track orders and products per sales representatives! Generate and email reports for orders and products assigned to a representative.

Generate Reports by Products

See which products each sales rep has sold during a specified period of time.

Configuring Sales Representatives

Activate the sales representative solution and control if you plan to show a sale rep label to each order then which admin users can view these labels. You can adjust if the sales rep for an order can be changed.

Order Configuration

For orders created manually in Magento, choose whether the sales rep must be identified when creating the order. You may also manually or automatically assign reps to an order.


For orders create by customers on your site, choose to automatically assign orders to sales rep if all products within the order are assigned to a specific sales rep or if the customer's account is assigned to a sales rep


Select the email template used to notify sales reps of a new order.

Managing Sales Representative Accounts

For each sales rep you can control:


  • Displays Magento Admin username
  • Choose what name and color to use on the order grid (optional)
  • If the rep is notified when orders are assigned to them
  • Control if the rep can only view orders in your store assigned to them or all orders
  • Product and order commission rate

Managing Sales Representative Accounts (cont.)

Send daily, weekly, and monthly performance reports to each sales rep. This feature requires a cron to be setup (not included with extension).


Control whether the sales rep will be limited to specific customer accounts. If limited to specific accounts then determine which information for those accounts the rep can view.

Assign Products to Sales Rep

Select which products are assigned to the sales rep.

Assign Customer Accounts to Sales Rep

Select which customers are assigned to the sales rep.