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Guide for Children and Kids Safety on the Web

The world has changed dramatically over the past several centuries. The way that people get information and communicate with each other have changed also. Instead of getting news from the newspaper or by letter, we now get news instantly online through the Internet and we communicate through text, email or instant messaging. Also, now we can tell others about our lives through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. However, with the instant information that can be passed comes certain dangers and risks. In addition, with the increased information that can be accessed immediately, children are becoming more tech savvy and have more access to Internet enabled devices. Between game consoles, tablets, notebooks, computers and portable devices, children have easier access to the Internet than ever before. However, with the easy access comes increased potential for problems such as accessing inappropriate websites, Cyberbullying and other possible dangers. Because of these dangers, it is important for parents and children to communicate about these dangers, and for parents to be aware of what their children are doing online. We have collaborated with experts in the field to come up with a handy guide for online safety for children and teenagers. What follows are information and resources on a number of topics that are important for parents and kids, and can help make the online experience great for all. Kids Online Safety Keeping Kids Safe Online – Excellent site put together by police providing information about safe online activities for kids. Guide to Online Safety for Kids – Informative article summarizing the dangers of being online and how to stay safe. Internet Safety – Information about safe Internet usage that can be helpful to kids and others. Kids Online Safety – Website which informs people about ways to spread the word about kids online safety. Kids Internet Safety – Information and tips on how to keep Elementary and Middle School aged kids safe online. Teen Online Safety Internet Safety for Teens – Useful information about teen behavior online and how to remain safe. Teen Safety on the Internet – Helpful guide for teens and parents with information on how to be safe online. Internet Safety Guide for Teens – Informative guide that teens will find helpful and assist in keeping them safe during a variety of online activities. Internet Safety Education for Teens – Information for teens, parents and educators concerning Internet safety. Online Safety – Tips and information on what you should and should not do while online. Internet Safety Resources – Helpful collection of information and resources that will be useful for all students to be safe on the Internet. Teens and the Internet – Guide that can be helpful for teens on how to be safe online. Cyberbullying Cyberbullying Information – Useful information about the warning signs and what to do if you are a victim of Cyberbullying. Stop Cyberbullying – Federal website which helps people to understand the problems of Cyberbullying and how to prevent it from happening. Cyberbullying – Helpful page with information on Cyberbullying and prevention. Cyberbullying Information – Informative site with a great amount of information about the problem of Cyberbullying. Parents Guide to Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats – Helpful article aimed at parents to provide them with information about Cyberbullying. What is Cyberbullying? – Definition and information about the troubles that can occur through Cyberbullying. Social Media Safety Safety Tips for Teens and Tweens – Information from the FTC about what teenagers should be concerned with in social media. Social Networking Safety – Helpful information from Microsoft providing tips on how to be safe using social media. Social Networking Tips – Useful information and tips for people using social media. Social Networking Safety – Tips providing safety for teens in using various social media applications. Tips for Parents Parent Guide to Internet Safety – Informative site from the FBI containing information for parents on how to keep kids safe online. Internet Safety and Parents – Helpful information for parents to help provide guidance to keep children safe online. Parents and Kids Online Safety – Resource providing help for parents in protecting kids through the Internet. Cyber Safety Tips for Parents – Useful information and tips for parents to help keep kids safe online. Additional Resources Online Safety – Comprehensive government resource with information on a variety of online safety topics. Get Net Wise – Informative site with many topics about online safety for kids and adults. Kids Online Safety – Information on online safety and other topics for kids. Internet Safety Resources – Helpful collection of resources for parents and kids to protect them from online risks. Online Safety Resources – Page of resources aimed at helping parents teach children about online safety.

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