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How Yotpo can Increase your eCommerce ROI


Raj from YotPo joins us this episode to discuss how their integrated eCommerce marketing platform is working for their direct to consumer brand customers. They serve some of the biggest names in retail. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Steve Madden, Patagonia, and 1-800-Flowers. Yotpo has proven over and over that social proof is a main driving force in eCommerce conversions and their billion-dollar client base proves that they know what they are doing. If you are wondering how to integrate Yotpo with your eCommerce store or, if you are looking for solutions for a client, they’ve got you covered. They integrate seamlessly with many of the top platforms in the industry including Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento. Not only do they integrate with the sales platform, but they also span across the web connecting with your social media, Google, Salesforce and other apps that help run your store.

A better customer experience

Raj discusses how Yotpo removes a lot of friction from the seller and the customer experience by working closely with each company that they serve. From small businesses to enterprise-level, they have the perfect custom package to offer depending on revenue size categories. Yotpo was originally started by two college students Tomer Ogron and Omri Cohen. They came up with the idea for a social proof product to offer online stores due to a bad online purchase. We all know how difficult it is to buy clothing online not knowing if the size runs small. Or what about the quality of the bouquet of flowers you are sending your mom for her birthday? When we order gifts or much-needed items online last minute, we do not want to be disappointed. This is why reviews are one of the most important factors in the online buying experience.

User Generated Content to boost sales

But, it is not all about reviews anymore. As the Internet morphs into a virtual reality experience, customers want to see the products in their home or how the clothes will look on. Now, vendors are looking for visual UGC (user-generated content) solutions to offer their customers a visceral experience that will boost conversions. Yotpo’s amazing ability to filter reviews for specific needs is also worth bragging about. If a shopper wants to see products for oily skin only, they can filter to see reviews for just this condition. This level of control speeds up the purchasing process and moves them through the funnel quicker.

Rewards keep customers coming back

Reward programs are another piece of the puzzle for eCommerce shops. Recently, Yotpo acquired Swell Rewards which if you are not aware is a customer rewards app. Customer acquisition is becoming more expensive so as a store owner, it is lucrative to keep the customers that have already made purchases. The best way to keep people coming back for more is to offer rewards for repeat purchases, referrals, and loyalty. In the competitive eCommerce environment, this is one way to take your customer experience to the next level. Steve Madden has been a great example of leveraging Swell Rewards with 50% of their customers coming in through their loyalty program. If you want to learn more about Swell, click here to check out their programs.

Learn how Yotpo can work with your shop

The best thing about Yotpo is that they can widdle down and consolidate a large portion of your app load. eCommerce store owners know that the number of apps needed to bring in and keep customers can be exhausting with some stores using more than 15 different apps. This puts a strain on employees, drives up costs, and can cause integration problems in the tech stack. Their program also includes an analytics dashboard so that store owners can keep track of ROI easily in one place. Yotpo has been an excellent solution for many of our clients here at IWD Agency. We encourage you to click here to visit Yotpo online and find out how they can help your eCommerce store or offer a solution for your clients.

The Recap

    Yotpo is a customer rewards app that integrates seamlessly with almost all eCommerce platforms. They offer a reward, referral, and loyalty programs all in one app. Their app gathers information from all social media and Google to help you run your store easily. Reviews are one of the main driving forces for eCommerce conversions. Yotpo can manage this in one app. Speed up the conversion process with filtered searches by Yotpo Spiff up your online store with UGC virtual solutions for online product displays to increase conversions. Your app load will be significantly reduced by using Yotpo saving you time, money and integration issues.

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