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Magento Beginner Tutorial | How and When to Clear the Cache

  • 2 min read

Magento uses a caching system to assist your site in running faster. Caches are great because everyone likes a speedy website. However, if you change details within your website like your products, website files like themes are extensions, you will need to clear the cache to see the latest changes.

Best Practices for Caching:

  • Always flush cache when installing/removing extensions
  • Flush cache when installing Magento Commerce
  • Flush cache after upgrading from one version of Open Source Commerce to another
  • When flushing caches, take into account the type of cache and the schedule. It is best to flush cache during non-peak times where not many customers are accessing the site. If cache clearing is done during peak times, this may result in high load on the Admin which will cause the website to be down until caching is completed.


How to Clear Cache in Magento

  1. On the ADMIN sidebar, click on SYSTEM >TOOLS>CACHE MANAGEMENT

    Magento How to Clear Cache

  2. This will take you to the CACHE MANAGEMENT page.

    Magento How to Clear Cache

  3. Flush Magento Cache
        a.  Removes all items in the default Magento cache according to their Magento tags

    Magento How to Clear Cache

  4. Flush Cache Storage
        a.  Removes all items from the cache regardless of Magento Tag. 

    Magento How to Clear Cache

  5. To perform a Mass Action Refresh: 
        a.  click the drop-down arrow > REFRESH
        b.  SELECT ALL
        c.  SUBMIT

    Magento How to Clear Cache

    Magento How to Clear Cache

  6. To flush Product Image Cache and Javascript/CSS Cache:
        a.  Scroll to the bottom of the cache management page
        b.  Click on FLUSH PRODUCT IMAGE cache to clear pre-generated product image files
        c.  Click on FLUSH JAVASCRIPT/CSS cache to clear any JavaScript and CSS files that have been merged into a single file

Magento How to Clear Cache

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