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B2B Dashboard


Login Page

Our B2B suite comes with a customizable login page for your B2B portal. This page can be used in place of the default Magento login process, or as a separate login used just for your wholesale customers. Existing B2B customers can login on this page, and new customers can sign up for an account using the registration form. The registration prompts users for company information, including billing and shipping addresses, tax ID number, shipping account numbers, as well as a document/file upload feature.

IWD B2B Login Page
IWD B2B Dashboard for Magento 2

The Dashboard

Once logged in, users are brought to the B2B dashboard page. This custom page allows for multiple different ways for your customers to order including: Quick Order, View All Products, File Upload, and Previously Ordered Products. There is also a download center for easy downloading of all necessary product and marketing files. Your customers can also manage additional users on this page, setting which employees have which access and ordering permissions.

The dashboard also comes with a “sticky cart” that always follows you when you are logged in. This gives you the ability to quickly see the total amount in your cart, return to the dashboard, and checkout no matter where you are on the site. Don’t worry...there is also a “Shop Entire Store” button on the dashboard that allows your customers to shop your site using the traditional design. With IWD B2B Suite you gain functionality without losing any!

Quick Order Section

Quickly add products to the cart using the Quick Order section at the top of the dashboard. Searching terms into the search bar quickly filters relevant products by name and SKU. Selecting items adds them to the “pre-cart” table on the dashboard (shown in the picture to the right). You can sort and filter by each column in this table, and even add additional columns if you would like. You can view all product images, product availability, download associated product files, as well as configure products as needed without ever leaving the table. With the "Automatically Add to Cart" featured enabled, simply entering a quantity into the QTY field will add these to your cart, you guessed it...automatically.

IWD B2B Quick order for Magento 2
IWD B2B View All Products Section

View All Products Section

Selecting the "Shop All Products" button on the dashboard brings you to the page pictured to the left. This table will load 25 products by default, but you can always click to load more. This table is going to be the same as the Quick Order table...i.e all columns are sortable and filterable, and the table columns are customizable.


The shopping cart section will display below this section for easy reference and editing. And the sticky cart makes getting back to the dashboard or checkout pages quick and easy.

Previously Ordered Section

Selecting the "Previously Ordered Items" button on the dashboard brings you to the page pictured to the right. Here your customers can see what they ordered during a selected date range, and easily add it to their cart. There is a column that displays how many were ordered previously, as well as how many are in stock. Just like all our tables, all columns are sortable and filterable, and you can see product images and configure products, all without leaving the table.

Previously Ordered Section B2B Magento 2
IWD B2B Magento Download Center

Download Center

The download center page allows your customers to easily see all the marketing and product files available to them. All columns allow you to sort and filter as needed. Selecting the checkboxes allows you to download multiple files at once as a zip file.


These files are managed in the Magento admin panel. You have the ability to upload files, specify if they are marketing or product files, and select which product(s) it is associated with.

IWD B2B Magento Shopping cart

Shopping Cart

Adding items to the cart on the dashboard page will populate this section pictured to the right. This section will show on the Dashboard, All Products, and Previously Ordered pages. This is the same cart as the standard Magento cart, so customers can view and manage it however they would like.


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