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Hyvä Theme Development

Trust our team of Magento experts to transform your website with our Hyvä theme development services. Improve your store’s responsiveness, performance, and conversion rates by updating to this powerful theme.

Hyvä Theme Services from Expert Magento Developers

As an Adobe partner with nearly 20 years of experience working with Magento, we’ve become the go-to agency for companies that demand the very best from their eCommerce websites. With over 15 developers on staff who hold more than 30 Magento certifications, we’ve been able to accomplish some incredible results for our clients.


See for yourself:

- How Our Magento Development Services Increased Bobcat’s Revenue by 113%

- How Our Custom Magento Development Services Grew Penn State’s Conversion Rate by 70%

- How Our Magento Solutions Improved Penn State’s Revenue by 555%

- How Our Magento Developers Grew QC’s Revenue by 62%


Want to be our next success story? Contact us to learn more about how our Hyvä development services can help your business.

IWD Agency's is ready to develop your Magento 2 store on Hyvä

Working with Our Hyvä Developers

At IWD, we have a tried-and-true theme development process for switching clients’ stores over to Hyvä. While we will tailor this approach to your eCommerce company’s unique needs, our development process usually looks like this:

Initial Meeting and Consultation:

We’ll set up a call to better understand your unique business and what you want from the Hyvä theme. This will also give you an opportunity to ask us questions about the theme or anything else to do with your store.


Preliminary Audit of Your Magento Store:

Once that initial meeting is complete, our team of Hyvä developers will get busy reviewing your Magento site, from its templates to extensions to any unique features you’ve added. The goal is to create the perfect roadmap for enabling the theme as quickly as possible without any issues whatsoever. This audit is also when we can recommend any other initiatives to improve your Magento website.

SOW Delivery:

Then we’ll present you with this roadmap by way of an SOW (Scope of Work) that details every step we will take, the quote for this service, and an estimate for how long it will take to migrate your store to this theme

Hyvä Theme Implementation:

Once you’re happy with the terms, we’ll begin the implementation process. This usually entails wireframing, prototyping, development, and syncing APIs, amongst other things. Once implementation is complete, our development team will conduct thorough QA (Quality Assurance) testing to make sure it was a complete success.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

Long after it’s enabled, our development team can provide ongoing support for your new Hyvä theme. Retaining our developers to support the ongoing performance of your Magento site also ensures that our experts will only be a phone call (or Slack message) away if your store ever encounters any problems. Whether you’re experiencing unexpected downtime or just want to ask one of our Magento experts a question, IWD will always be there to help.


Working with Our Hyvä Developers

The Hyvä theme only debuted back in 2021, but it’s already become one of the most popular themes for companies that depend on Magneto 2 to meet their eCommerce goals. It’s built on powerful technologies like Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, and Alpine.js. And unlike many of the other themes that came before it, Hyvä leverages the power of GraphQL, React, and other hallmarks of modern frontend development.


Hyvä development services are aimed at migrating stores to this powerful theme while ensuring that the process doesn’t negatively impact other aspects of the site (i.e., extensions and plugins it depends on). These services also include an emphasis on using the Hyvä theme to create a store that is unique to your brand.


Why are these development services so important? To ensure you’re making the absolute most of everything Hyvä has to offer. Speaking of which…


5 Benefits of Using Hyvä for Your Store:

While we could talk all day about why we love the Hyvä theme, here are the five most common reasons clients come to us to update their stores.


1. Better Site Performance

The one thing you’ll hear again and again when researching Hyvä is that it will dramatically improve your site’s performance.


It’s no secret that faster sites get better rankings, additional clicks, and more conversions. Companies that switch to Hyvä themes often see perfect scores in Google’s Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insights, which makes them a great choice if you value organic traffic.


And this kind of speed is great for conversion rates, too. The less friction a customer experiences, the more likely they’ll be to complete your purchase process. Alternatively, making them wait guarantees a high cart abandonment rate.


2. Fewer Dependencies

The reason this theme is so fast is because it isn’t burdened by tangled code or outdated features that would slow it down. Hyvä runs on Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js. That’s it. This leads to a streamlined performance that also means reduced maintenance and development costs.


3. A Good Alternative to a Headless PWA Website

At IWD, we love Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), but we know that they might not be a good fit for your organization at the moment. In that case, the benefits of Hyvä frontend development can provide a compelling alternative at just a fraction of the cost. Implementation is much faster, too.


4. Endless Potential

Even as Magento continues to evolve, you can rest assured that your Hyvä theme will remain a competitive advantage. And that’s not just because it’s so powerful, flexible, and adaptable.

Like Magento itself, Hyvä is supported by a massive community of developers who love this theme just as much as the business owners who rely on it.


With your Hyvä license, you’ll also receive instant access to an entire ecosystem of amazing features like GitLab sources, a Slack space, compatibility modules, the Hyvä UI component library, documentation, and even support.


5. Ease-of-Use

Despite the many benefits of Hyvä, the theme couldn’t be more user-friendly. It involves a lot less frontend code than other themes, which makes it much easier for developers to work with – whether it’s fixing issues or building new features. This ease-of-use will lead to reduced development costs and less time spent on these tasks.

4 Other Magento Services We Offer

Aside from creating your business the high-performing Hyvä store it deserves, we also offer a number of other world-class services for Magento/Adobe websites:

If you want more information about these services, developing other themes for your store, or have any other questions in general, please feel free to contact us.


Hyvä Theme Development FAQ

Hopefully, the above information was helpful. You can always contact us if you have any questions. Otherwise, here’s an FAQ that includes the most common questions we’ve received over the years about our Hyvä development services.


Is the Magento Hyvä Theme Better Than Luma?

Luma is a PWA-based headless theme that is one of the two that comes with Magento out-of-the-box (the other being “Blank”). While this theme will still allow you to build highly-customized Magento sites, it’s definitely lacking when it comes to speed and overall performance.


On the other hand, Hyvä supports customization without all the unnecessary JavaScript files and CSS that slows Luma down. Instead, a streamlined, simplified framework provides optimal performance – especially where mobile users are concerned.


Why Is Hyvä Better Than Other Themes?

There’s a long list of reasons so many companies have switched their Magento stores to Hyvä over other themes. If you’re considering any other options, feel free to contact us and we can help you understand how to the two differ. However, for the most part, companies choose Hyvä for its incredible speed, streamlined capabilities, lean structure, and the improvements it makes to a store’s overall performance. Hyvä has become extremely popular with business owners who want to nail their Google PageSpeed Insight scores and Core Web Vitals.


How Much Will It Cost to Build Our Company a Hyvä Store?

The cost of theme development will depend on the unique aspects of your website, as well as any other work you may want us to do during this process to improve your Magento store’s overall performance. However, we pride ourselves on being completely upfront and transparent about our processes and costs, which is why we’ll provide you with a complete SOW (Scope of Work) that clarifies every step we’ll take and the final cost for the work before we get started.


How Long Will the Development Process Take?

It will depend on your unique Magento website. The larger and more complex your site is (e.g., if your site runs lots of extensions, has unique features, etc.), the longer it will usually take us in order to get your store set up with this powerful theme. But again, our detailed Scope of Work will outline every step of the process including an estimate for how long it will take to complete.


Can I Use the Magento Hyvä Theme with My Current Extensions?

Given how popular Hyvä has become in such a short period of time, it should come as no surprise that many extension developers have updated their offerings so they’re completely compatible with this theme. But during the initial audit, we’ll assess the extensions you use to ensure there won’t be any problems once your new theme is installed.


What Does Hyvä Theme Development Require?

In order for our team to create your Hyvä store, you’ll need to run your site on at least the 2.4.0 version of Magento Community Edition. We can upgrade your Magento site if that’s necessary. Aside from that, your website will need a Hyvä Theme license and a private packagist key.


Your system requirements will depend on which editions of Magento and Tailwind CSS your site is using. To run Tailwind, you must have a node version of 14.0.0 or better (as of the time of this writing).

We will also create a bundle on the development person of your site as an added precaution


Does the Hyvä Theme Work with Adobe Commerce?

Yes, “Adobe Commerce” is just the updated name of Magento Commerce, so it definitely works.

Do Hyvä Themes Work on Magento 1 Stores?


We really recommend that you update your store to Magento 2 before trying to implement Hyvä because the theme is only compatible with Magento 2.3 or better. However, we can update your website and then immediately implement Hyvä, which will save time and money – while also giving you the best possible version of your new store.


Will Hyvä Affect My Site Design?

It could, but we’ll take the time to assess any potential issues before beginning the implementation process to ensure there are no problems. Of course, Hyvä will also present you with new options for layouts, colors, and fonts, so this can also be a good time to consider new ways to improve your site’s look.


Does Your Magento Development Team Provide Ongoing Support?

Yes! We know how important it is to have peace of mind after any major update to your site, which is why you’ll always be a phone call away from speaking to an experienced developer who can answer any questions you have or provide whatever support you need.


Can I Test Hyvä on My Store?

No, but we can help you make the most of the demo Magento offers or show you what Magento Hyvä store looks like, so you know what to expect.

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