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It was a long wait filled much anticipation, but definitely worth it. Our renovated Baton Rouge office, located in the historical Herrington's building in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, is finally complete. The history behind the building is something we treasure. In the early 1900's, it was the home to the State Times Morning Advocate company. The idea of the building belonging to an old school media company to now us, new school media, has us giddy at the thought!   We feel this place suites our style much more. What do you think? New IWD Agency Office Our Amazing Office at IWD AgencyIWD Agency HQ Creating amazing products for you at our new offices The future is now - IWD Agency IWD Agency HQ IWD Agency New Office!IWD Agency Offices     Back when it was State Times Morning Advocate office.   IWD Agency back in the old daysState Times Morning Advocate Florida St. Location, 1916   IWD Agency Old OfficesState Times Morning Advocate Composing Room, 1938

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