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40+ Magento Commerce Features That Have Made It So Popular

  • 2 min read

Have you been thinking about upgrading from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce (now Adobe Commerce)?

If you haven't made up your mind, check out the following list of 40+ Magento Commerce features that have made this platform so popular.

Or if you're wondering about the price, take a look at our post on how much Magento Commerce costs.


  1. 24x7 technical support (phone, online)
  2. Dedicated account management
  3. Access to expert Magento Services
  4. Advanced feature updates as part of your subscription


  1. Single contact for licensing, hosting, and support
  2. Reliable, secure managed hosting and CDN
  3. Ability to deploy globally


  1. Advanced segmentation and targeting
  2. Custom attributes for deeper customer profiles
  3. Drag-and-drop visual merchandising tools and sorting rules
  4. Rules-based related products, up-sells, and cross-sells
  5. Enhanced search performance and scale with Elasticsearch
  6. Automated emails to recover abandoned shopping carts and wishlists
  7. Enhanced CMS with drag-and-drop capabilities


  1. Reward points with merchant-defined redemption rules
  2. Virtual and physical gift cards
  3. Store credit for returns or gift card balances
  4. Private sales with viral “invite-a-friend” emails
  5. Gift registry and multiple wishlists
  6. Gift wrapping options, gift receipts, and gift cards


  1. Self-service company account management
  2. Multiple buyers per company
  3. Assigned buyer roles and permissions
  4. Support for payments on account
  5. Custom catalogs and pricing per company
  6. Streamlined online request for quote workflow
  7. Quick ordering by entering SKUs or uploading CSV files
  8. Requisition lists to speed purchase of frequently-ordered items
  9. Fast reordering from previous orders


  1. Magento Business Intelligence Essentials
  2. Content staging and preview
  3. Return Management Authorization (RMA)
  4. Scheduled import and export of data
  5. Support for larger administrative teams
  6. Ship-from or pick-up from store capability with Magento Order Management
  7. Patent or copyright infringement indemnification


  1. Cloud elastic scalability to handle peak selling days
  2. Separate checkout, order management, and product databases
  3. Support for multiple slave databases
  4. Compatibility with MySQL Cluster
  5. Queuing technology to speed checkouts and shared catalog updates

And if these 40+ Magento Commerce features don't meet your every need, keep in mind that we can always build custom solutions, too. Our Magento web development experts would be happy to speak with you about what you have in mind.

Contact us today to set up a call.

Or if you already have a custom solution in mind, go ahead and request a quote.

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